3 Reasons People Delete Your App

2 min readOct 18, 2017

You have one chance to engage with and keep a user once they open your app. On average, mobile apps lose 77% of their daily average users within the first three days after download. After 30 days, that number spikes to 90%. 47% of those users will delete your app after that. Over 50% of people surveyed say that they delete apps because they aren’t useful and/or wanted to reduce clutter on their smartphones.

It isn’t useful.

People don’t download apps for the sake of having another app on their phone. Apps need to be useful in some way by providing functionality that makes your customers’ lives easier or a task more enjoyable. An example is the Starbucks app that allows users to pay with their mobile app and track your rewards points. This app is useful because it makes paying and tracking rewards much easier.

It offers little or no value.

If people are going to use valuable data to download your app or give up space on their phone for it, the apps needs to offer some sort of value to the user. Value could be in the form of saving time, saving money, or providing entertainment. For example, some people like to scope out sales or coupons prior to shopping. A mobile app that brings what they seek directly without them having to search multiple sites saves them both time and money.

The functionality is poor.

Many cite functionality as the main reason they stop using an app. Poor functionality is frustrating. Slow load times, counterintuitive functions, or hard to find features will prompt users to quickly abandon your app. Not only will this result in people deleting your app, but it also could drive people to your competitors app.

Your company put time and money into developing your app and wants to see a positive ROI. If you’re planning to develop an app or if you’re troubleshooting the reason people are deleting your app, these 3 reasons are a good starting point.